A quick preview of Dreamglow


Dreamglow, a one-day concert experience presented by SOMOS Albuquerque and Relentless Beats on May 14th at the Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Park (Albuquerque, New Mexico).

Featured event music talent are  Big Gigantic,  Tokimonsta, and Hannah Wants – a tight lineup of talent that will certainly make this a memorable night. Dreamglow festival will offer attendees much more than music including art installations, aerial artists, a photo booth, and Fractal Foundation’s Fractal Hot Air Balloon installation. Featured artists across Dreamglow’s grounds are:

Mark Horst: This piece entitled House of Earth will consist of a series of suspended bowls that will create music fueled by the wind. Just out of reach, guests can use padded wooden rockers attached to the cord to manipulate the bowls and produce their own music.

Owen Schwab: A light sculpture meant to establish reconnection between friends and strangers, the gathering space contains obstructed lines of sight and, at others, opportunities to look through and connect. As people move closer to the sculpture, it triggers light animations provoking people to investigate and interact further.

Billy Joe Miller x Fuego: The duo has developed this new work from patterns that will frame and activate the sky, urban landscape, and natural surroundings where it will live. With inspiration drawn from the repetition and designs in hot air balloons, this hanging installation entitled Vitrail II- which means stained glass window, will be filled in with the color of the sky above.

Michael Slavich: Floatie is a light-hearted exploration of basic shapes and architectural forms. The project consists of 12 inflatable sculptures, ranging in size, scale, and shape, using PVC vinyl and locally recycled inflatable pool toys. Colorful and lightweight, it is the perfect contrast to its surroundings.

Joseph Stacey: Take a journey with Hindsight, a lizard from the future that will give a glimpse into his travels through a portal. A projection installation called “the forgotten garden” will join Hindsight as a narrative piece that brings the desert world to the urban landscape. It’s a wild Land of Enchantment.

SOMOS is currently on but you can still find tickets for Dreamglow here.