Music video premiere: MOONRIIVR “10,000 Suns”


Toronto-based indie band MOONRIIVR has a vibe reminiscent of the 60’s exotica acts. It might seem like a rather odd statement but the band certainly has a theme. Working with a Tascam 388 tape recorder MOONRIIVR, comprised of vocalist Gavin Gardiner, guitarist “Champagne” James Robertson, bassist Ben Whitely, and percussionist Lyle Molzan, draws inspiration from the likes of  Buddy Holly and Krautrock.

Their latest LP, Volume 1, came out just a couple of weeks ago so today we’d like to share with you an exclusive premier of the official music video for “10,000 Suns”.

“10,000 Suns addresses the weight of the past. How one can be crushed by shame, anger and regret. I’m not searching for answers within the song, but simply living in the present and looking towards love & forgiveness,” shared Gavin.

When speaking about the inspiration for the song Gavn shared: “This was actually an instrumental song that James had written outside of MOONRIIVR, I heard him playing it one day and told him I thought it would be great with lyrics. I took it away and chopped and screwed a little and this is what it became. I remember we were recording it in the Garage on a hot and sunny day. The tape machine was being finicky so we had to use the computer, we got this take all at once vocals and everything,” he continued. “However on listening back there were a couple of computer glitches, I blame the heat and earwigs….we tried for a few hours to beat it and in the end decided that it was the take and I spent the rest of the afternoon going over it with a fine-toothed comb and a spectral editor taking care of the glitches. The other battle each day up there was the neighbor’s electric fence would add a pulse to any vintage guitar amp, there were a few phone calls made and the neighbor agreed to turn it off during the day when we were recording!”

The music video is staged in a local bar, Jenny’s, a place Gavin always wanted to play. “She has been such a pillar of the community for a lot of folks and has always been so kind and gracious to us.  This is actually a live performance and recording of the song.  When we arrived at 4:15 there were 5 or 6 regulars in there (the place probably holds twenty), they were playing cards with Jenny, we started loading in and they told us they thought the band was going at 4!  I guess Jenny had promised them a show [he laughs]”

See it here first:

Photo Credit: Colin Medley

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