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Harmless blooms with musical maturity on “Spring Eternals”


Millennials share a common thread: the tendency to turn to the vast expanse of the internet to assuage feelings of loneliness. Whether it was through YouTube, Tumblr, memes, or forums, many of us found solace, camaraderie, and a sense of identity in the digital realm. Nacho Cano, better known as Harmless in the musical sphere, is no exception. Like countless others in their early 30s, he too has been shaped by the online landscape, with its myriad influences leaving an indelible mark on his personality, sense of humor, and artistic tastes.

Cue his new album, Springs Eternal, which chronicles his tumultuous experiences as a Mexican immigrant, surviving a near-fatal encounter with a drunk driver, and navigating the complexities of life as a 31-year-old in today’s climate; Cano’s latest musical offering is a poignant reflection of resilience, introspection, and escape.

Accompanying the album’s release is the visually captivating music video for “Aisle Five,” which seamlessly integrates gameplay footage from Fortnite and iconic internet memes, serving as a nostalgic homage to millennial culture.

The album starts off with a bang on “Hate Me”, a mesmerizingly atmospheric track that envelops your senses, leaving you with a floating sensation. “As I Lay Chillin” delves deep into dream pop, echoing the ethereal sounds of Beach House. Its relatable lyrics capture the universal feeling of inadequacy often experienced by those battling anxiety.

“What U Want” brings out Harmless’ Mexican heritage, infusing Bachata-inspired strings and percussion. Throughout Springs Eternal, the album maintains a cohesive sound, weaving reflective vibes into each track while keeping the listener engaged from start to finish.

Cover images by Robb Klassen, courtesy of the artist


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