Rediscover your melancholy: Iron & Wine releases archived songs

by Rose Blanton

Everyone has experienced some sort of life event to the music of Iron & Wine: breakups, death, drastic change, and development. This is the band that meant discovery, it doesn’t matter whether that was with sexuality or music. His songs make you want to go to a national park and hold someone’s hand or drink libations around a bonfire. It reminds you of college, it reminds you of your first love, and it makes you nostalgic for things you’ve never done.

The Archives Series Volume 1, is a collection of home recordings that were created around the same time The Creek Drank the Cradle, which was Sam Beam’s first release as Iron & Wine and was originally meant for the band Calexico. Part of the release of these home recordings is a film called Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People. This short film takes place in Cleveland, West Virginia, at an establishment called Jerry Run Summer Theater. A hand-built arena for locals and travelers alike to showcase their talent. True fans of the Beam will agree that this is the best place to debut his 13-year-old recordings of obscure Americana folk.

The Archive Series Volume 1 is nothing different from what Beam has been putting out, but what you have to remember is that he was writing these songs in Miami, Florida, but it sounds like something that could come of out Columbia, Missouri. For musicians, credibility is an imperative part of their whole sound. Where you’re from can either uphold your credibility or destroy it. Beam transcended that idea.

“Everyone’s summer of ’95” is very easily the “single” off the album. Beam sings of a summer full of road trips, girls, friendships and favorite songs. This song is mentally penetrating because he it wrote just shy of 20 years ago and yet it’s so relevant. In a society of NOW, where last week is irrelevant, this is talent. In order to truly enjoy this release, I have a few suggestions. First, let it be a sunny day; second, let the vehicle of music be a record player; and third, grab a bottle of wine (DOY!). Let Beam take you by the hand and direct you towards simpler times, your taxes can wait.

Dreamers and Makers Are My Favorite People full film: