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MK takes over Coda


Last Saturday night, MK (full name Marc Kinchen) took over Coda Nightclub in Toronto. This long time DJ/producer came to the city with a purpose: to entertain and to prove that after twenty two years, he still knows how to bring a crowd of people to their feet. With a background producing for Will Smith and more recently, collaborating with the likes of Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, and Jamie Jones, MK came to Toronto atop a platform of success. The upbeat vibe at Coda was undeniable. With a sold out show and only fifteen available tickets at the door, it was clear from the minute you walked in that it was going to be a good night.

Joining MK were Jonathan Rosa, Jeff Button, and Simon Jain. Knowing that they were in good company, these guys needed to rise to the occasion and rise they did. The venue started to fill at eleven (which is a good sign when the party is planned to last till 5 a.m.) and the music took everyone back to the 90’s, the days of MK’s humble beginings. With a more mature vibe, it was nice to be in good company with true fans who understood the music.

MK came on at midnight and immediately elevated the scene. With a deep, dark, house feel and an amazing build up, he was off. Sporting a Yankee hat and a huge smile on his face, MK looked like he loved what he was doing and involved the crowd in every way he could. Not being a typical artist who quickly rushes from the stage as soon as he’s done, MK stuck around to talk to fans and take pictures. Although he was unavailable for an interview, he made an effort to connect with the fans, which were, essentially, the reason the night was a success. With talent, experience, and a passion for his work, MK proved to Toronto that he deserves to be on top. Until next time…

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