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Wake up and dance to Pink Bed’s new album “Spare Key to a Memory”


The North Carolina-based group, Pink Beds are releasing their sophomore album Spare Key to a Memory on March 29th, their first album since the 2020 debut If All I Have. The electro-indie-rock band’s origins are a tale as old as time, jamming at keg parties for their friends. When the pandemic hit, the band used their time in isolation to begin writing songs and honing their sound. Their first album was made to be listened to at home, whiling away the time stuck inside with music to make it worth it. Four years later, COVID restrictions have lifted and the band has transitioned from playing for fans lying around their homes to playing for lively grooving crowds.

The aptly named Spare Key to a Memory melds nostalgic genres into a uniquely modern sound. The band plays with soul, funk, prog rock, and a splash of early 2000s alt-rock. All this variety is tied together with the four-on-the-floor disco-inspired groves that drive each song forward. The band needs at least three words to describe their sound which only speaks to the musical melting pot they live in.

Lead singer Aaron Aiken channels Alex Turner as he croons over the band’s tight instrumentation. Aiken emotes heavily into the mic, morphing his tone and pronunciation to match the groove of the song and the emotion he is trying to articulate. The way he bends and holds each word emphasizes the assonance in his songwriting as he manipulates each long vowel sound to its extremes. Aiken’s voice and delivery are unique and provide an edge to the tracks that create new and unfamiliar sounds that might not hit for everyone but carry an undeniable passion and vision.

Pink Bed’s biggest strengths come from their instrumentation and production. The band’s humble keg party jam session origins have given them an ear for a solid groove and not a single track on this record is without a driving instrumental portion that holds each track together like funky glue.

“Dance II” is their strongest instrumental on the album and is so appropriately named for its extremely dancey vibe. The rhythm section lays down a driving beat that you cannot help but tap your foot to and the guitars interplay perfectly to keep you captivated and moving for the full 140-second run time. This is a band worth seeing perform live as their music is made for a party. The live setting will allow them to unleash their beat-laden songs to give a live audience music that will really make them dance.

Spare Key to a Memory is out March 29th and the band hits the road for four shows to celebrate the release.   

Cover photos by John Dupre

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