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Into the wild with Fakear’s “Sauvage”


by Stephanie Casino

Naming an album Sauvage can seem like a self-inflicted challenge. The French word translates into “wild,” which can mean several things – crazy, unpredictable, unreliable, among many translations of the word – but in this case, Sauvage literally refers to “wilderness,” a theme that is not only apparent here in Fakear’s third EP, but is also evident in his last two productions (appropriately named Morning in Japan and Dark Lands). Strongly influenced by travel and ethnic indulgences, France’s Fakear once again takes listeners on an acid-laced adventure through an imaginary landscape somewhere (probably) in Southeast Asia.

Sauvage is comprised of only seven tracks, most of them dripping in North African and East Asian influence. Eyes closed, listening to the tracks “Tiger” and “Darjeeling,” I’m automatically transported into a nondescript hut situated somewhere in a balmy Indian desert. Repetitive bass beats accompanied by moans and chants; sounds of bells, drums and sitars have me breathing in the scent of incense, the high of opium, and moving my body as I imagine dancing with wolves under the light of the Himalayan moon.

As ethnic as his music is, the trippy sound of Fakear’s Indian and Arabian influence would be perfect for a modern day hookah lounge or perhaps an over-priced spa somewhere in Dubai. Sauvage would be more suitable for a chilled-out smoking session and/or relaxing spa experience, instead of heard at a typical electronic music festival or club. Pleasant and full of deep repetitive sounds, Sauvage is more of a calming tool than a hype-beat electro EP.

“La Lune Rousse” is an oddball track in the small collection chosen for Sauvage. Although mellow and even-tempered like the other tracks in this EP, Fakear chose a more commercial sound with this track. La Lune Rousse could easily be heard in the background of an emotionally charged iPhone commercial, or an extended YouTube advertisement for luxe vacation deals. Although beautiful in its own right, this specific track seems out of place among the tribal grooves of his other tracks on Sauvage.

Overall, Fakear’s third EP does not fail to transcend space and time. Similar to his last release, Dark Lands, this set of tracks will have you feeling mellow, relaxed, and aching with wanderlust. Perfect for a mental trip, Sauvage is the perfect magic carpet ride that can heighten your high, calm your nerves, or enhance your relaxation experience.

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