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Alt-R&B duo Farr delivers a flavorful punch in debut EP “Blink Twice If You’re OK”


It’s not every day a duo releases their debut EP, only for it to be masterfully cohesive and packed with memorable soulful moments. 

Alt-R&B duo FARR consists of LA-based vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Roméo and GRAMMY® Award-nominated London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Linden Jay. Their palpable synergy shines through in their deeply layered five-song EP, Blink Twice If You’re OK, set for release on May 10th.

Blink Twice If You’re OK lyrically delves into love’s complexities, capturing its beauty and the confusion it often carries. The vintage-sounding drums, delicious guitar riffs, and reverbed vocals contribute to a sonic warmth, even when the subject matter isn’t so warm and fuzzy. 

Opening with “Answers,”  the duo hits the mark with an easy breezy soulful vibe reminiscent of Marvin Gaye. It’s a great starter track that introduces the listener to Roméo’s soulful vocals and thoughtful lyrics like “You can be the answer, to the questions in my head.” 

FARR did a masterful job of building a world with this track that is beyond soothing with all musical elements gelling seamlessly together. My only gripe is that it ends too abruptly for such a vibey track. 

The subsequent track, “In Need of a Friend,” emanates swanky funkiness through its catchy melody, punchy bass line, and airy harmonies. It’s no wonder it’s one of the EP’s singles. The chorus is perfect for singing along to and serves as an ideal accompaniment for a much-needed car ride with a friend. 

Roméo pours into “Make It To Summer,” the EP’s quintessential love song. With the repeating lyric, “If life didn’t test us, what fun would it be?” it’s an easy song to vibe out to. While it slightly loses shape next to the other heavy-hitting tracks on the EP, it’s still vital in supporting the up-and-down narrative of love that the EP confronts.

Doom Gloom” is beautiful, lavish, and to me? Flawless. “Doom Gloom” skillfully captures the experience of feeling deeply drawn to a chaotic relationship that has lingered in the grey area for too long. 

It’s a gem with an effortless groove, a persistent high-hat rhythm, and guitar licks that exude a haunting quality, making it hard to resist replaying. But I suppose that’s the intention. 

“Doom Gloom” is as addictive as the love Roméo describes in the lyrics. The breakdown that starts around 2:40, with a dialed-back groove and spoken word, creates a reflective pause that, once again, fits perfectly where it was placed.

Serving as a thought-provoking closing track, “Restless Child” opens with spoken word and unfolds like a confessional. The track acts as a poignant reminder to let go, slow down, and allow life to flow where it needs to go. 

Overall, Blink Twice If You’re OK is a decadent EP that appeals to lovers of all genres, thanks to its genre-bending, soulful nature, enriched by Roméo’s vocals and Jay’s guitar playing and production, which take center stage rather than merely serving as background elements. 

FARR is establishing a foundation with deep roots that will only foster their growth from this point forward.

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