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Govana new album “Legacy” story tells his humble beginnings & growth as a dancehall artist


Dancehall is a borderless musical genre, beloved by fans far beyond Jamaica. As a Latina born in DC and living in Miami, I am constantly surrounded by its vibrant rhythms. My admiration for dancehall has only deepened with Govana’s new album, Legacy, which convinced me to appreciate this genre even more. However, this album is not only Dancehall but Afrobeats, reggae, and a blend of ballads and upbeat rhythms.

Govana released his sophomore album Legacy on June 28th featuring twelve tracks. The album includes collaborations with notable artists such as Popcaan, Jada Kingdom, Aidonia, Skeng, and Mavado. Some of the executive producers who took part in this album consist of Jordan McClure and David Hayle of Chimney Records. Other noteworthy producers include Emanuel “Emudio” Scheimer, Raheef Muzik Group, Curt “Crash Dummy” White, Attomic Records, Hemton Music, and Daseca Productions.

Each track tells a different story, delivering a powerful collection that delves into Govana’s personal experiences, struggles, and aspirations. His transition from the artist Debalo to his current persona is reflected in his lyricism, flow, and themes. The album cover features Govana’s two sons who make a surprise at the end of the album. Within three days of its release, Legacy had already reached number two on Apple Music, just behind The Best of Bob Marley & The Wailers.

The album opens with “Letter,” a powerful introduction that sets the tone for the other singles to follow. The themes of faith and spirituality are evident; the song features a soulful, smooth, and soft chorus sung by a captivating female vocalist. Metaphorically, “Letter” serves as a prelude, preparing the listener, or “reader,” for the journey ahead, offering a glimpse of the stories that follow.

The motivational single, “Four Storey” was released ahead of the album, and came out with a music video that garnered over 868k views within three weeks. This uplifting track is all about pursuing your dreams and creating the life you desire, no matter the obstacles. The video tells the story of Govana’s journey from humble beginnings in Jamaica to living a lavish life. A poignant moment features Govana’s powerful lyric, “Now I tell ma poor story inna four storey house”. Visually, the four-story house represents his journey, with the first floor showing his humble beginnings and the very top symbolizing his lavish life. The video concludes with a kid playing with a puzzle, reinforcing the idea that life’s journey is about putting the pieces together.

Another standout track on the album is “Pull Over,” featuring artist Jada Kingdom. Her sensual, soft, high voice adds a distinct female vibe to the album, enhancing the song’s sexual themes. This single, their second collaboration following “Better Than That” from 2018, embraces the acceptance of women singing openly about their sexual desires without repercussions.

Govana concludes the album with the powerful single “My Will,” which features heartfelt voice notes from his children. His children thank him, by saying, “Dad, I’d like to thank you for everything you’ve gotten me in life, my nutrients, shelter, my brother, everything I’ve asked for, and all the trips you’ve taken me and my mother… As a final note, I truly love you and wish the best for you.. I love you, Daddy.” This touching track adds an emotional and personal dimension to the album, highlighting Govana’s dedication to his family.

Singles such as “Dat Me Seh” featuring Skeng, “Pull Over” featuring Jada Kingdom, and “Four Storey ” offered a sneak peek into the artistry and depth Govana brings to this project. By blending the rhythms of Jamaica with the realities of his upbringing on the streets, this album pays homage to his roots and personal journey. Govana’s ability to sing powerful narratives that resonate with people make this project worth a listen.

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