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J Bernardt’s “Contigo” transcends the traditional breakup album


Contigo, J Bernardt’s latest work, stands as a breakup album but not your typical tear-soaked music. Each Song walks through his feelings of shock, denial, appreciation, and letting go. In his own words:

 “I know a break-up record is a cliché,” says Bernardt. “But I’m growing to love cliches! I wasn’t afraid to go all the way. Forgetting about the break-up by singing about it is like self-sabotage, but I’m having fun with it too”

J Bernardt. part of the band/duo Balthazar takes an even bigger step with his solo career. Changing the style from his previous album “Running Days”. His new work brings an old-school band sound. Reminiscent of a bygone era while still feeling fresh and relevant. Every track is rich and full of detail.

Despite his own musical prowess, he took the help of his highly talented musical friends for “Contigo”s production. Throughout the album Bernardt’s vocal talent shines through, slow and smooth making his music comparable to the talented bands/artists Two Feet and The Black Key’s.

From the questioning and perfectly mixed song “Taxi” to the heartbreaking letting go sound of “Free,” “Contigo” is soulful and compelling. J Bernardt has proven himself to be immensely talented. Once again proving music is an art that helps us process and heal.

Cover photo by Athos Burez, courtesy of the artist

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