Twin Peaks

A moment with the up-and-coming Twin Peaks

text by Rose Blanton | photo by Tricia Scully

Pitchfork, on Saturday, started with one of my favorite sets of the weekend, Twin Peaks. Featuring four adorable boys from right here in good ole Chicago, IL. They have a punk rock meets surfer rock meets stolen riffs from Thin Lizzy vibe. The amount of talent they have is promising. I just hope they don’t go the way of the Smith Westerns, which is well, underwhelming. Most of the boy’s songs are about ladies and love. They peppered in some new stuff for us and it sounded great.

Wild Onion, which drops August 5th, should prove to be a treat. Their youth is evident though and the show is raucous. Towards the end, Clay Frankel bashes his guitar and then flings it into the audience. Upon receiving his next guitar from the roadie, you can see him licking it. Hey Clay, share the wealth. Towards the end, Jack Dolan thanks the crowd and announces that this, Pitchfork 2014, is the highlight of their career thus far.

I was able to corner the boys on Sunday for a quick chat and discuss their upcoming album.

Rose Blanton: Your set was fantastic. Really enjoyed the stuff from Wild Onion. Can you tell me more about the production process of the album?

Cadien Lake James:  We had some help from Sister Crystals and most of it was produced here in Chicago. We ran out of time and had to produce the rest of it over the phone with Grand Jury.

RB: I noticed at the end of your set you said this is the highlight of your career so far. Did you ever think Twin Peaks would make it this far?

Clay Frankel: No (scoffs).

CLJ: We’ve always kept the faith though.

Jack Dolan:  It’s a good marker of achievement for us as band. It’s still surreal though.

RB: When can we expect the album out?

CF:  August 5th.

RB: And what label is it coming out on?

JD: Grand Jury, which is made of up alumni from Mom + Pop records and it’s distributed by Fat Possum.

RB: Oh, I love Fat Possum! Any last words for our readers?

CF: Keep reading, knowledge is power!