Song premiere: Sky Keller shares new single “High & Hurt”


Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Sky Keller was raised in a musical household. Keller has been writing lyrics since the early age of 15 but didn’t start making music professionally until just a few years ago. Her breakthrough into the industry was through the 6 degrees of separation which resulted in an introduction to a variety of producers and music industry experts. Today, Sky Keller is a self-made artist, playing within the genres of alternative and electro-pop, consistently trying to break the barriers between the two.

In an interview with Voyage LA Keller shared that she focuses on making “relatable music” through telling stories. One of her early releases was a song called “Bad,” a story of a young woman in a troubled relationship. The topic of relationships is a common one in Keller’s lyricism, the “Weekend,” for example, was a reflection on a situation where one of the individuals is not emotionally invested in the relationship.

With the new single, “High & Hurt,” Keller takes a few steps back towards the first encounter. The song “captures the essence and that feeling you have for a stranger when really, you didn’t expect to feel anything at all. You connect with this person; you had high hopes, but in the end, you’re left with disappointment and a heavy heart.” The point Keller is working to make, however, is that disappointment is all right and should be embraced with a full spectrum of emotions.

Give it a listen below or try a platform of your choice here.

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