Five artists we are most looking forward to seeing at Sueños Music Festival


The city of Chicago’s music festival season begins at the end of May with the third annual edition Sueños Music Festival. Since its inception in 2022, co-founders Aaron Ampudia and Chris Den Ujil’s goal has been to bring the very best Latino artists from across the world to Grant Park. Past lineups included J. Balvin, Ozuna, Becky G, Myke Towers, and many others. Sueños also does a terrific job supporting local businesses and showcasing up-and-coming artists from nearby. This year will be no different.

DJ Miriam

Guatemalan-American DJ has made her presence known in the nightlife scene in the hometown of Chicago over the last few years by throwing together fantastic mixers. Having worn various hats in the field (musical director, content creator, photographer, etc) Miriam it clear over the last few years that music is her passion. In the past, she even opened for Bad Bunny on his Ultimo del Mundo tour.  DJ Miriam is now a proud representative of Sueños Festival as their official DJ.


This young Arizona-based Mexican-American made an impact in 2023 with his now-famous singles “La Víctima” and “La Diabla”. The 19-year-old vocalist and guitarist has been on a tear with his singles prior to joining Interscope Records. After a near-fatal car accident, Xavi changed his music style to Tumbados Románticos. It’s going to be fantastic to see this wailing vocal presence on stage.

Latin Mafia

Milton, Emilio, and Mike de La Rosa have become one of Mexico’s biggest groups within the last year. What makes the trio of brothers’ sound unique is the way they blend reggaeton with modern trap, R&B, and house music. To get a sense of what to expect check out “Julietota” for a reggaeton rap sound and “Sal Rosa” for a taste of R&B. The Mexico City-based family is definitely going global so you’ll want to catch them while you can.

Ivan Cornejo

When the 19-year-old dropped his debut album Alma Vacía, it peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Reginal Mexican Album chart and was named by The New York Times one of the best albums of 2021. His second album, Dañado, was number 1 on the Reginal Mexican Album chart. Self-taught by YouTube Ivan is well-known for his acoustic guitar playing that plucks at listeners’ heartstrings.

Peso Pluma

By far one of the biggest names to emerge in the Latin American music scene is Mexico’s own Peso Pluma. Even if you haven’t listened to him yet you’ve likely heard his name. Since breaking through to the mainstream, Pluma has been known for making music for narcoculture. Pluma’s name showing up on the lineup undoubtedly made a dent in the ticket sales.

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