MUTEK 2017: Here’s what’s in store


MUTEK Montreal is set to take place August 22 – 27th for it’s 18th annual edition. The programming also marks Montréal’s 375th anniversary so with two big birthdays taking place the organizers have been working on expanding the program to include a larger selection of live performances blending music, visual art, and technology like only MUTEK can. The festival is also known to draw on it’s international connections.

This anniversary edition will cross the parallels between Montreal, London, Mexico City, Barcelona, and Berlin over 4 days of special programming with focus on discovery and artistic ingenuity.  Some of the guest artists are: Helm (UK), Shiva Feshareki (UK), Space Afrika (UK, cover image), Omaar (MX), Upgrayedd Smurphy(MX), Van Did (MX), Sau Poler (BCN), Sunny Graves (BCN), Wooky & Alba G. Corral (BCN), Robert Henke (BLN), and Monolake (BLN).

Red Bull Music Academy also return to MUTEK with two nights of programming. Thursday night brings together Sarah Davachi, Fis, Anthony Chil (aka Surgeon), and Deathprod for an evening of “serious doses of drone and heaviosity.” Friday night focuses on contemporary techno with the likes of Aurora Halal, Polar Inertia, and Surgeon and Lady Starlight.

Full programming details and tickets can be found at

For this year MUTEK partnered with It’s Not U It’s Me for a Toronto opener on June 9th. The evening promises to feature the leading voices in modern electronic music and digital art with an interdisciplinary approach. Here’s the lineup:

Egyptrixx [Halocline Trance / TO]
CMD [Jacktone Records / MTL]
M. Salaciak [Temple / MTL]
Joel Eel [New Justine / TO]
Kaade [Security Co-Op / TO]
Edna King [Modern Math / TO]
Deenzi [Andy Yue & Heidi Chan / TO]

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