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Is this Success? Paranoid Castle album review


Canadian producer, Factor and rapper, Kirby Dominant, collectively known as Paranoid Castle, have returned to the limelight with their third LP, Welcome To Success, the follow-up to their 2011 project, Champagne Nightmares. The irony of the album’s title is advertently addressed in the title track, and the subsequent tracks, which begs the question, “What defines success?” Using witty lyrics, a humorous delivery, and a fusion of electronic and hip hop beats, the duo explores possible answers to this question throughout the course of the album.  Each track presents a scenario that intertwines the album’s theme.

Although seemingly light-hearted, Paranoid Castle touches on some serious issues that many can relate to. The album opens with the title track “Welcome to Success,” which sets the tone for Factor and Dominant’s 10-track exploration into what makes one successful. After spouting out what society’s standards of success are for people such as themselves, the track closes with the phrase, “Welcome to success. Are you happy now?”

Paranoid Castle’s music isn’t preachy, yet there is a message in every song. “I Don’t (Really Miss You)” and “Wait For Me” address the relationship turmoil that comes with the territory of being in the music industry. On both “I Know I Know” and “Meditate,” Factor reflects on life after the party and is, essentially, asking the question, “What is there to look forward to after the party is over, the drugs have run out, and the one-night stands get old?”

On the album’s standout track, “Fear of Missing Out,” Paranoid Castle tackles drug use, depression and suicide, while questioning his religious beliefs. Being broke is the theme of “Laugh out Loud,” the album’s final track. The humorous lyrics remind the listener that despite being financially strapped, life is still good and we should always look at the positive side of things.

Welcome To Success is an introspective work of art that not only addresses what it means to be successful, but it also addresses the challenges that come with it: loneliness, pressure, stressful relationships, substance abuse, mental health, fear of failure and the fear of success. An even bigger question that is addressed here is:

After it is all said and done, is it all worth it?

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