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UNIIQU3 transports Chicago to Jersey Club


A cold snap hit Chicago as the sun began setting in the Pilsen neighborhood. After packing together coat to coat outside the warehouse-turned-cavernous-music-venue, a shivering crowd entered Radius. Throwing off their parkas at coat check, a room full of ravers and club kids shivered their way to the stage to turn up for Tinashe’s “BB/Ang3l” tour. 

Below the almost ominous red neon light, a glowing rib cage of sound panels encased the stage. The club queen of Jersey, UNIIQU3 strode into view dazzling with confidence (and more than a few sequins). 

“How you doin’ Chicago?” she boomed over the mic. The crowd responded with a lukewarm cheer. Then the beat dropped.

Jersey Club music is known for its uncompromisingly frenetic beat. It’s meant to get you moving. And UNIIQU3 is its most confident emissary, strutting across the stage throwing ass and spitting bars like the best of them. 

“I need all the love tonight Chicago!” she shouted out. “And I promise, I’m gonna give it right back.” Without losing a beat, she commanded the crowd like a dance (hall) captain “Shake that thing from left to right.” You could feel the frost dissipating and see the crowd begin to gyrate. 

“Ladies this one for you” she announced mid-set and launched into her breakthrough hit “Off the Chain” (her collab with TT the Artist). The kick drum pulsed through the speakers and into the audience’s hips. “Booty so big, have mercy!” she proclaimed with a playful twerk. 

The whole set felt like a sermon of sexy body positivity. “It’s the affirmation anthem you know you need,” she said before dropping into her latest single “Price Going Up”. A teaser for her upcoming EP Ramen Noodles (in collaboration with Black Caviar), this peppy banger got the crowd bouncing up and down with its steady trampoline baseline. It’s a surprisingly optimistic anthem, a fast-paced manifestation of a stellar new year. “My price going up / all the way up // and my whole crew in the cut.” 

It was a short set, but UNIIQU3 understood the assignment of what any good opening act should do. The Queen of Jersey Club got the crowd to shake off the cold and turn up. “Let’s do a vibe check,” she said. “Say I feel good! I feel great! Say Jersey! Club! Queen!” She led the crowd in a call and response. “Now scream.” The crowd obliged. Why wait for the weekend to party? 

Upcoming tour dates:

Feb 16 | Morelos, Mexico @ BAHIDORÁ
Mar 1 | Denver, CO @ Secret Location
Apr 12 | Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick

Cover photo by Artistland Studios

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