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Jordan Mackampa peels back the layers on sophomore album “Welcome Home, Kid!”


WELCOME HOME, KID! is Jordan Mackampa’s lyrically honest, vocally beautiful, and incredibly danceable sophomore album. Mackampa’s first album, Foreigner, was released in 2020 about his experiences as a Congolese immigrant growing up in England, WELCOME HOME, KID! continues to peel back the layers of this 29-year-old talent.

Mackampa wears his heart on his sleeve from start to finish while listeners are anchored by catchy choruses and danceable rhythms. “PLAYGROUND” opens the album, looking back at the simplicity of being a kid through rose-tinted glasses. The next track, “PROUD OF YOU,” is introspective and looks beyond the rose-tint by vocalizing Mackampa’s revelations after examining his difficult upbringing. Featuring a rich use of keys, drums, and brass to back up his smooth vocals, Mackampa has us belting out heartfelt lyrics alongside him.

The production value of this album is incredibly high, matching Mackampa’s skills as a vocalist. Funk rhythms, full brass sections, and bold drums are present throughout. He dabbles heavily with soul, blues, and R&B while incorporating orchestral elements and UK rap as well. A personal favorite, “GIRLS ON FILM showcases a catchy chorus accompanied by orchestral strings and haunting backup vocals while slightly downtempo drums guide us through. Mackampa is not a one-trick pony and clearly thrives in the musical space when patching together any genres and sounds he desires so long as he is being true to himself.

Featured on COLORSxSTUDIOS, Mackampa’s performance of “MARY slows it down, highlighting his talent as a gospel singer and captivating performer. The complexity of the album’s sound grows as Mackampa raps on “FRIENDS YOU’VE MADE in his British accent, showcasing his ability to shape-shift throughout a performance. You can envision him giving a show-stopping performance in a sweaty concert hall, a small jazz club, or a church on Sunday morning.

Characteristics of the musical styles that he is influenced by, church, and God are active themes throughout Mackampa’s project. Attending church is referenced lyrically but his preaching vocals further speak to his upbringing. On the album cover, there is a subtle cross in the glass door that Mackampa is stepping into, showing how he thrives in the details of his work. The reinforcement of this theme makes the album feel whole, intentional, and mature. You can feel and hear the tireless investment that Mackampa put into this polished project.

WELCOME HOME, KID! highlights Jordan Mackampa’s confidence that one would think has come naturally to him his whole life. Every song on the album is vulnerable and raw; touching on childhood nostalgia, reflecting on your past although difficult, believing in yourself 1000%, dropping friends who don’t stick their necks out for you, romantic struggles, and more. The project is truly a lesson in confidence being unlocked by honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity.

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Photo credit: Aidan Harmitt-Williams

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