TINK’s release party for Pillow Talk was a celebration


R&B singer and rapper TINK has dropped her lasted album Pillow Talk, just the other day. This record is revealing and honest, exposing her vulnerable side, and showing her growth as an artist across 16 tracks. The R&B prodigy explores the themes of being in love and the importance of self-love with beautiful lyricism. The album features an array of big-name rappers such as Fabulous, G Herbo, 2 Chainz, and more. However, Tink’s voice shines the brightest as the record is a representation of her longevity within the music industry and evolution as a singer/songwriter.  

The Chicago-born artist took over the south side at the Chemistry lounge to host her semi-secret release party. The line extended down the block and if you were fortunate enough to get in, it was packed wall to wall with fans trying to get a glimpse of TINK. To wrestle up a drink at the bar or to squeeze closer to the stage was a mission, but the crowd embraced the scene as the DJ spun classic rap songs like Trick Daddy’s “Nann N****” and Cash Money Millionaire’s “Project Bitch”. The party kept on bumping as fellow Chicago rapper Queen Key came on stage to rap her hit song “My Way”. The crowd rapping along set the tone indicating we were in for a fun night.

When the time came, TINK was front and centered surrounded by her entourage, living her best life, vibing with the crowd, and taking tons of pictures. Once midnight hit, Pillow Talk officially dropped. The fans screamed in celebration as friends, family, and managers said kind words about her work ethic and passion for her craft. TINK thanked everyone for coming out to support her and appreciated the love she received from her hometown. She continued to promote Pillow Talk by performing some songs off the album. Fans passionately sang along to the chorus of “Goin Bad” – ‘Call me when you lonely. When you in the mood. See you acting like you want me. I know I should be letting go cause I could be acting up, pull my own stunts…’

She kept the music going by performing “Goofy”, an expletive track that explains how being in love can make a person act dumb but the sex is too good that it’s hard to give up. She finished performing and then took photos with fans. Afterward, it turned into a good old fashion Chicago juke party.

Overall it was a fun night filled with celebration. Chicago came out to support one of our own and TINK returned the favor by lighting up the room with her voice and presence. Pillow Talk is now available on all streaming services.

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