Ten notable September single and video releases


Geoffroy, “Strangers On A Train”

Quebec’s Geoffroy is working on another self-released, third full-length album, Live Slow Die Wise, out January 19, 2022 but for right now, we have “Strangers On A Train”. It is a song about a mysterious and romantic journey through the artist’s consciousness. “I wrote the lyrics to ‘Strangers On A Train’ in winter, in my apartment during lockdown,” Geoffroy shared, “It’s definitely one of the most introspective songs on the album. I guess it’s a very mature version of myself who wrote this, hah. It’s about accepting and coming to terms with the fact that a relationship has come to its end. It’s about moving on, letting go, and feeling okay about it.”

Good Morning, “burning” 

Indie-folk duo Good Morning are sharing some of their guitar rock on new single + video “burning” ahead of the Barnyard LP release, October 22nd. The album promises to be “the result of a process of patient refinement and the breaking of a couple of self-imposed rules” and this single is an example of that adventure.

Kay Young, “I’ve Got You” Ft. JNR WILLIAMS

London-based artist, rapper and producer Kay Young shares “I’ve Got You ft. Jnr Williams” from the upcoming EP This Here Feels Good, releasing October 8th. This song is “a song that is an emblem of survival and a testament to Young’s ability to connect raw emotion with sharp lyricism” and so naturally, the music video oozes with fluidity and conviction.

Khazali, “Better with the Devil”

London producer/singer-songwriter Khazali dropped yet another stellar single this September, “Better with the Devil”. When speaking about the track the artist shared: “Better with the Devil is that warm, sober feeling. You feel like you’re cruising down a desert road in a vintage car. It might not technically be summer anymore, but I’m not rolling the windows up just yet”.

Lexxicon, “Bubble Everywhere”

Taken from a forthcoming album Tropicon Islands, releasing November 19th, “Bubble Everywhere” is a preview of what just might be a concept album. This song “captures the protagonist couple’s strong connection, exploring the island and having some fun, partying with locals and each other”. It is a carefree party anthem, well in line with Lexxicon’s previous work.

Lone, “Realise”

Lone shares a new single “Realise”, taken from forthcoming LP Always Inside Your Head. This single is an ode to the classic Lone sound. “One of the first ideas for the Reality Testing album” which this song draws on, was “a straight-up trance tune which was deconstructed and pulled apart over the course of the making of the record,” Lone shared. “Morgane Diet’s cut-up vocals took it to a much more glacial and lush place and ended up as the final piece of the puzzle”. Lone is also releasing a new album, Always Inside Your Head, on October 22nd.

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Moon Kissed, “Strange Satisfaction

Releasing a new single and music video synth-pop trio Moon Kissed are inviting you to get in touch with your sexual self. “It’s an ode to masochism and a connection that doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s your prelude to cuffing season, truly”.

ROMderful, “ALIENS!”

UK born, Korea-based singer-songwriter and producer ROMderful‘s new single “ALIENS!” is a “story of an infatuation turned cosmic odyssey”. On the track’s concept and inspiration, Rom explains: “Aliens is about that feeling of meeting someone that’s out of this world and them giving you a high that you’ve never experienced before. A rush of rainbows, happiness, and feeling freedom by just being around the right person”.

Teddi Gold, “Pineapple Piñata”

Teddi Gold drops a new single inspiring the audience to “shake off” the negativity ahead of VOL. 2 EP, set to release on October 7th. According to the press release, the song is about liberation, “channeling your energy and shaking out all the negativity from your body, ultimately letting go of all the things that hold you back from embracing your authentic self”.

The F16s, “Easy Bake Easy Wake”

Taken from their upcoming EP Is It Time To Eat The Rich Yet? (October 22nd) “Easy Bake Easy Wake” is India based four-piece The F16s‘ example of the band’s transition from the sound of their previous work. Each member of the band works towards embracing a heavier and detailed sound that pushes for a little more maximalism. The music video was conceptualized by Lendrick Kumar and Prayoon Sajeev. In this video, “the group trades sedentary picnicking for the frenetic pacing of a game of tag from hell”.


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