Song premiere: Luka shares a teaser track from upcoming album, “Same Song”


Lisa Lukaszczyk, who goes by the stage name Luka, was born in Cape Town and raised in the Netherlands, influences both which in some way cut through her music.

As an artist, Luka borders the fine line of dreamy electro-pop, folk, and soul and has already won over the hearts of festival attendees across Europe. Over the last two years, after self-releasing her debut EP Welcome, Generation Everything, Luka and her drummer Joost Wesseling played over 80 shows across Europe. Naturally, last year Lisa focused on creating a new album, First Steps of Letting Go, set for release on the 4th of September. The album is a collection of songs about “staying cantered in a society that’s always rushing” and “dealing with the daily distractions and endless opportunities this generation has to offer.”

As a teaser for this upcoming release, today Luka is sharing a new single: “Same Song.” When reflecting on the track, she shared her inspiration: “When everything is constantly changing, the only way to move forward is to adapt. I wrote this song for some close friends that were stuck in a loop and tried to send an energy that would help them to break out of the same stories they’ve been telling themselves.”

Have a listen below:

Photo by Kelly Alexandre

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