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Ship2Ship challenges Vancouver to move


by Irene Lo | photo by Greg Forsberg

The last time Destructo was in Vancouver was last summer. He performed at one of the city’s regular techno nights, Delete Fridays, at Shine. Last Saturday he returned, accompanied by three talented artists, on a tour concept that added spice for fans that also love HARD Events. Because Destructo’s supporting acts, T. Williams, Anna Lunoe, and Motez, shared something else in common: they were on the line-up roster for this year’s Holy Ship! cruises. Four cohesive sets from producers that know how to throw down, and yet there was an absence of buzz. No build-up or fanfare leading up to Saturday, a day of ugly rain, and the Facebook event revealed itself just as neutral: last-minute posts dominated by people advertising their tickets for sale. It was hard to tell what kind of turn-out it would be, it can be a roll of the dice sometimes, but the beginning didn’t matter so much as the end. The night ended with a bang, proving this to be one of the better club shows of 2015 thus far.

After midnight, the numbers of the crowd, and the collective mood loosened and livened up. Taking over from Anna Lunoe, Destructo’s set was influenced by the direction of his latest EP, West Coast, where the electronic beats he chose leaned towards g-house (gangsta-house)—elements of electro and hip hop combined for sweaty, sexy vibes on the dance floor. The bass gets deep, but it’s not deep house. There’s a physical build climbing for release. Instant, immediate, and appropriate for those that wanted to let out ratchet fun.

Destructo blew through his popular songs and remixes like “Dare You to Move” and “Stand Up.” It was incredibly encouraging that “Higher” and “Party Up” were both numbers that the audience knew well enough and fondly enough to shout back: “I want a model. No, I want a slut.” It was almost as if we were on Holy Ship! To feel the positive energy of a crowd, jumping and moving to club bangers that feel new, fresh, and special. Several points throughout the night, the words “Holy Ship!” were chanted as if this was the DJ on stage killing our hearts. The illusion wasn’t strengthened by props—a line of pineapples dotted the stage—the decorative visuals weren’t behind it.

Perhaps it was when the producers jumped in on Destructo, T. Williams manning the music, or perhaps it was when Motez and Anna Lunoe were behaving adorably, laughing and taking selfies with each other. Destructo smoked two cigarettes. Our Ship2Ship captains were our mirrors—they were us, and we were them.

As a tour idea, Ship2Ship delivered big-time. Vancouver can’t wait for it to come by again.

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