River Tiber is back with a new single, “Deep End”


Toronto vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist River Tiber (born Tommy Paxton-Beesley) is back with a new single, “Deep End.” Another soulful track from the city’s favourite do-it-all-yourself musician: Tommy writes, records, produces, sings and plays the synths, keys, bass, violin, and drums, in addition to producing his own samples.

River Tiber’s style is well developed and this track is a true reflection of it: subdued and carefully crafted, the kind of slow dance track that would make your 15-year-old self blush on the school dance floor. If you listen carefully you may here an odd background noise that’s kind of hard to put a finger on – the sound of airshow engines flying over River Tiber’s roof which he used as transitions. 

Give it a listen: 

Cover photo by Devon Little, courtesy of the artist.

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