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Pale Honey’s self-titled album steps forward with a step back to the 90’s


by Susan Shelton

It is impressive that Pale Honey crosses the last fifty years of rock and roll with their self-titled album, scheduled for release on May 4th. This indie rock duo is originally from Gothernburg, Sweden and jams as hard as the 90’s grunge scene with feminine voices stitching it together in a way that achieves. Pale Honey has been building up to the album release by releasing tracks “Fish,” “Youth,” and now “Tease,” which sounds a bit like Red Hot Chili Peppers at times.

This album is very engaging due to its pacing variations, incorporation of older rock, and use of modern sounding vocals. Like any other good indie rock group, some tracks are gruff enough to completely rock out to and a couple are slower ballads. Occasionally Pale Honey taps into the guitar riffs of the Rolling Stones and uses a cowbell, which has essentially been extinct since Blue Öyster Cult. Pale Honey also borrows lyrics from John Lennon in “Fish,” overlaying it on the grungy mid-90’s sound they’ve perfected.

The lyrics and vocals are distinctly impressive because none of the rock bands aforementioned have had the throaty vocals of Florence Welch or the low monotony of Lana Del Rey. Pale Honey has that. The vocals are strong enough to match the music, even with a well-placed grunt here and there, which works well in the current state of female indie rock vocalists. The group is also not to be compared to Sweden’s biggest musical export ABBA, because Pale Honey clearly has a better grasp on English and a generally mellower take.

The simplest review would call Pale Honey’s self-titled album “two chicks and good rock and roll.” Honestly, the recipe for this album was simple but with an outcome so dynamic that any rock lover could blast it and love it. This album shares a few tracks with the Fiction EP, which is worthwhile to anyone waiting until May 4th for the full album release.

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