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Connecting with Canadian fan base: Roy Rosenfeld at Coda


Last Saturday, Roy Rosenfeld took the stage for the first time in Canada in Toronto’s Coda nightclub. Originally from Jerusalem, Rosenfeld grew up loving everything about music, playing and creating sound that developed into a variety of styles. His passion for the art led him to make unique tracks that were original and upbeat. Fast forward to 2015, Rosenfeld is signed to major record-level Rusted and highly respected by world-renowned artists Tiesto, Chris lake, Dubfire, and more.

Rosenfeld has recently released hits like “Undergroove,” “Jackin House,” and “Epika,” which are fast tracking to the top of the charts. His set at Coda was a perfect mix of deep house, techno, and a little melodic electronica. The crowd was also one of the best we have seen. Not too overcrowded and no signs of neon, it was a great vibe and his fans seemed truly impressed and excited to have him in the city for the first time. Opening the night was DJ Evan G, and Roy came on around midnight and played into the night. Changing the vibe halfway through to something a little more upbeat but also staying true to his unique and tranquil sound. You could really tell that he enjoyed what he was doing and was determined to impress his fans and continue to push musical boundaries.

Rosenfeld is looking forward to finishing his next album and of course collaborating with other talented DJs Andreas Henneberg, Matt Sassari, and Belocca.  He definitely has an exciting future ahead and we hope to welcome him back to Toronto one day very soon.

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