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Njomza’s “Vacation” is soft serve ice cream for your ears


By Sadie Kromm

Untouched icing straight from the tub is the perfect way to describe Njomza vocals on her latest EP Vacation.

Mania is Temporary, is the first scoop that takes you through a vibrational, medicinal experience that sets up an oasis for your mind to relax in for the rest of the album. Though Njomza’s range doesn’t kick in until the middle where the syrup meets the icing, it’s great to keep in your pocket when you are looking to assemble your own thoughts to a gentle beat.

 As you continue to press play, Vacation brings sound elements closely replicating the technology of MI.MU gloves founded by Imogen Heap and most used by pop princess Ariana Grande. The software is devoted to composing music by using gestures linked to a third party music program. Njomza features a similar grasp of control that beautifully decorates consistency.

It’s pretty evident Njomza is creative royalty, especially when it comes to diving into the lyrics of One Foot In The Water, which is also her latest visual release. The track starts out with a meteoric rumble that appears to feel like a transition into the three pending songs and also pulls hints from Amy Winehouse’s vulnerability and openness that is so diverse in many life experiences. This track can give you both a sense of moving on but also allow you to check your morals before entering a situation that could set even H2O on fire. 

However, with all of the zen tunes in mind, don’t think Njomza doesn’t bring a little of her hometown Chicago sound. Don’t Count the Daze and Don’t Know Whyeffortlessly gives you a vision of dancing down the street with your headphones, swaying in various directions. The only thing I wish is that these two tracks were the ending tracks instead of Outro putting aside the tracks name, as it would have fit perfectly with the silent and soft melodies in the first half.

Overall, Njomza is no doubt a threefold threat and by instruction, it’s best to keep both feet in the water as Vacation will continue to be a serious wave in new music.

Njomza vacation album art

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