MUTEK 2012 in review


text: Max Jones | photography: Vincent Fugère

This year’s festival of music and technology, Mutek, showcased some of the most eclectic and talented electronic and underground artists in the world. Of course, this doesn’t come as a surprise; this past weekend was Mutek’s 14th rodeo (as in, far from their first).

While the weather did it’s best to ruin the event, the event-holders took it in stride and moved many of the rained out DJ sets indoors to the SAT (La société des arts technologiques).

The move inside took a little of the festival vibe away from the proceedings on Saturday, but admirably replaced it with one hell of a club scene thanks to the blaring neon lights and blasting speakers.

The festival isn’t exclusively about the music, though; the technology aspect is not to be overlooked. That’s why the organizers provided workshops discussing high-level computing, Q&A sessions with established yet independent artists, and even a program for kids that integrated cutting edge audio-visual technology.

With such clear dedication to providing entertainment for all, it’s no wonder that the weather cleared up on Sunday, just in time for Mutek to combine with Piknik Electronik and rock Montréal’s collective face off.

Yes, electronic music is alive and well in the city, and with festivals like Mutek continuing to educate the masses as to its potential, the beats are only going to get bigger and better.

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