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Jamaican dancehall artist Masicka (born Javaun Fearon) ran into the music scene with the same high energy he enters the stage for each performance. Being fairly new in the dancehall community Javaun quickly gained international recognition with singles like  Top Form” and “Tyrant.” His lyrics speak to the realities of life in the inner cities, touching on relatable struggles, violence, and social issues faced by marginalized youth. The darkness, however, is infused with elements of hope, resilience, and love creating a solid fanbase for this Portmore native.

Just as Masicka was releasing his latest single, “LimeLight,” Quip caught up with the international star to chat about his career and upcoming projects.

Kateryna Topol: Hello Javaun, where in the world are you right now and how is it going?

Masicka: Wagwann QuipMag, I’m currently in my studio where the magic happens. It’s going good yuh-nah-mean, we just survived an earthquake so giving God thanks for that.

KT: Happy to hear you are all right! That’s quite scary. Let’s step back a bit, when did you know you wanted to be a music artist?

M: I knew I wanted to become an artist from a tender age yuh know. I used to beat desks at school and make beats and sing along to it. I would also practice to be a famous deejay in front of the mirror.

KT: That’s fantastic, and kind of precious all at the same time. When it comes to making music, what is your process like…

M: It’s all about the vibe for me. When I get into the studio I’ll have my engineer put a riddim on repeat and then I come up with the song while listening to the rddim. Sometimes I’ll think of just one word and build on that.

KT: You’ve released quite a few singles this year, when is the record dropping?

M: You know we always put in the work. Been working on some crazy material for the past few months. As yuh know the album about to drop this year at any minute now, you just have to stay tuned for the big reveal.

KT: Definitely waiting! Can you please tell us a bit more about the upcoming album…

M: Well the inspiration for this album was really 438 and the journey I went on after that. That was my first album and it was well received and did great numbers. I wanted to create something that was even better than 438. 438 was like a journey to greatness, this album is about engulfing into that greatness.

KT: Progressing, cool. You’ve also been working with the Def Jam family (congratulations), how is this collaboration going so far?

M: Yes. Def Jam is like family. It’s been going great so far and I’m excited for the new magic we’re about to create in the near future.

KT: You’ve performed at Jamaica’s Reggae Sumfest a few times (we got to see you there in 2022, definitely a highlight performance), what has it been like to perform in your home country to this massive audience, sharing the stage with the artists you grew up listening to?

M: Well,  to be able to perform at such a prominent event working the stage with a man like Bounty Killer, Beenie man and Beres is a blessing in itself enuh. But even more so to be able to give a spectacular performance to the people who believed in me from the start is the real honour.

KT: Certainly. Outside of Jamaica, who are your most dedicated fans?

M: Well, we love all fans of course, however, the love I receive from Canada and Germany is insane.

KT: Speaking of which, you’ve hosted listening parties in New York in the past, are there more coming, and will there ever be one in Canada?

M: Yes, most definitely. My team is currently planning something big for Canada which might or might not have to do with the album. We will be announcing soon so yuh can stay tuned for that.

KT: Noted! How was the Tequila Ever After tour, any highlights?

M: The tour was a really good experience and the crowd was welcoming. I think the highlight of this tour for me was to experience the cultural differences in the audience. This was my first African collaboration of many to come.

KT: Looking forward to it. What do you like to do when you arrive to a new country/city?

M: Honestly, I’m a very laid-back person so if I’m in a new country for a show I’ll just check into my hotel and stay low until my performance. After the show is done now then me n me team will Google some places nearby and go check them out. Most times we end up at a restaurant or a beach [laughs].

KT: Hey everyone’s gotta eat! So what’s next for Masicka? 

M: New music is always coming. I’m already working on my third album, working on some merch, have some collabs in the works with some big brands. We a put in the work man. Right now I’m about to go shoot a video after this.

KT: Very exciting, well thank you for your time!

M: Yeah man, big up everytime!

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