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Life in magnificent technicolor: Chance The Rapper’s special day


by Christopher Brown

To describe what took place in Chicago on the weekend of September 23 for Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring Day is almost impossible.

Everyone who likes music that you can vibe, turn up, and pray to was at US Cellular Stadium, and everyone was prepared to be surprised by the likes of the 79th South Side-dweller Chance The Rapper (AKA Chano) and his guests.

Performances by Francis and the Lights, Young Thug, and Tyler, The Creator were stellar. When Kanye West made a surprise appearance the entire stadium went ballistic, almost to the point where security could no longer contain the fans fighting for their life to get a spot closer to Mr. West. The next surprise was Common, who offered a heartfelt dedication to every black woman and man whose lives have been taken before their time. 

Next up was 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, or as they are known together: Collegrove. As Wayne wrapped up the set, he shared with the crowd he was “nothing” without his fans, promptly dropping the mic and leaving the stage as his words boomed through the crowd.

Chano’s set was illuminated by multicolored lights and accentuated by live instruments, with life-sized puppets recreating emotional scenes live on stage.

Appearances from Skrillex and comedian Hannibal Burress made a lasting impact, but what really brought the Magnificent Coloring Day together was the unity and love that Chance shared with his guests: 

“Your blessing is not in this stadium tonight, but do know that it’s coming.”

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