Kicking off Summer 16 at Electric Island


by Jackie Willson

Attention all Canadians: a little thing we like to call “summer” FINALLY arrived! Kicking off their 4th season on Hanlan’s Point last long weekend, Electric Island hosted a much-anticipated line up of electronic artists from around the world. Taking place on the holiday Monday, groups of music and weather enthusiasts gathered on the island to listen to some great DJs and started the celebration of this short, but sweet, summer season.

The vibe always starts out very relaxed, but the anticipation starts to trickle through just as the guests do. Waiting for the headliners to take the (new and approved) stage, guests listen to the likes of Jonathan Rosa, Brian Johnson, and Nature of Music. Each artist has their chance to pump up the crowd in their individual way. Glass pyramids hang from the tress which reflect the hot sun that we have all been hopelessly dreaming about all winter.

Next up is the first anticipated headliner, DJ Tennis, who graciously joined us from Miami. Tennis has had a long, successful career and was the perfect DJ to bring the crowd together. His chill beats got everyone on their feet as he moved on to a more futuristic sound. Following Tennis was a crowd favourite – Jamie Jones. As soon as he came on, the vibe transformed and the excitement increased; the party had started. Jones started playing just as the sun was setting and everyone was ready to make the last of the long weekend count. His set was well rounded and he was a good introduction to the more intense hard hitting beats we would hear from Sven Väth. Väth, who has been DJing since the 80’s played a powerful set and pleased the true electronica fans.

With its fourth year underway, Electric Island remains to be an event that thrives on the nostalgia of enjoying the summer season on an island that provides the feeling of a mini vacation beside our beloved city. The event has made a few necessary updates, but they stick with a basic formula: good music, good people, and good vibes.

photos by Ded Pixel for Ded Agency

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