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Gordi’s latest EP “Inhuman” speaks to yearning and love lost


Look out, here comes Gordi. The Australian singer-songwriter has, after a long wait, released another EP and it’s called Inhuman. The songs mostly have the chord progressions you know and love from her other songs that are similarly meant to inspire a bittersweet ennui. 

If you’re the type who likes to listen to EPs of Australian folk-pop singer-songwriters on headphones whilst lying in your adolescent bed, clutching a framed photo of your crush to your chest, eyes held tightly shut, just YEARNING – then this one is gonna have you saying “more Gordi, please!”

The whole EP makes me feel like Hunter or Parker or whoever is moving away at the end of the summer, and oh no, it’s the end of the summer already and we only have one weekend left! One sweet weekend with which to dig deep within ourselves and experience the kind of feelings we knew we were always meant to feel. But also, it’s sad because our fleeting moments of happiness are never long for this earth, no not ever. And yeah, maybe they did us wrong but that’s okay because we came out of it stronger and now we know. We KNOW! 

Inhuman covers a whole range of textures and arrangements, going from delicate and sparse (with a moody undercurrent of foggy bass swells) to full band tunes with the sort of groove that one could feasibly bop their heads to. 

It closes out with a cover of the Dolly Parton tune “Grass is Blue”, and like the songs that precede it, it’s husky-breathéd and sparse. Rich velvety textures of piano and synth, ringing the chords on the downbeat with just a bit of snap-crackling hiss droning in the margins. 

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