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Gordi’s “Clever Disguise” is an angelic set of tunes


by Susan Shelton

Gordi is wholesome. She’s like a leaf musically floating down from a tree to remind her listeners that everything in life happens for a reason and that things always get better, even if they get worse first.

This is Sophie Payten’s first EP as Gordi, though she did release a cover of Courtney Barnett’s “Avant Gardener” earlier in 2016.

Something about Gordi’s music is incredibly organic, even when it features electronic elements. In this way, it’s incredibly similar to Fleet Foxes, but nowhere near as dark. Sometimes, the electronics of the tracks make them sound like acoustic songs that have been remixed for a club, but never in a way that sounds forced. This is one of the unique qualities of Gordi’s music. In fact, the creative freedom Gordi takes with her voice is a testament to her confidence in the diversity of her music.

The lyrics in this EP tend to be positive and uplifting, but operate best under the assumption that the listener already believes life is dismal. My favorite track is definitely “So Here We Are” because of the content tone it takes on, as well as the use of instrumental breaks to help tell the story. It’s very matter-of-fact, a virtue present in every track.

Clever Disguise will be available on iTunes and Amazon on May 13.

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