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Chet Faker and Marcus Marr bring us “Work” – a solid four track EP


by  Janine Donnelly

Marcus Marr and Chet Faker release their four-track Work EP on December 4th. Faker normally writes solely but worked collectively with Marr recording this EP in Marr’s London studio. Impressively, they recorded the EP in four days which will be released through Faker’s newly launched label Detail Records.

“Birthday Card” is a fantastic opener and by far the best track on the EP – it’s immediately infectious. You’ll feel like you’ve already heard this track, with its standard disco bass line that’s on hundreds of tracks already. It’s particularly reminiscent of Fujiya & Miyagi’s “Collarbone”, which is a good thing. “Birthday Card” is a fun track with Faker’s staple smooth vocals being the best feature. Faker and Marr use an excellent formula for this track – good vocals, simple beat and a dancefloor filler bass line. The harmonies are simple and effective, which add a lot to the track (unlike the lead guitar which features at the end). You will be dancing to this song at some point over the next few months!

Similarly, “The Trouble With Us” is in keeping with the electro-soul vibe that is heard on “Birthday Card”. Even though there is more going on with this track – more guitars, synths etc. –  it feels like it’s trying too hard to be a hit. With a different melody, this track could have had a lot more potential. Put this track on your party playlist and people will like it, however, it’s not the best track on the EP.

“Learning For Your Love” has a solid beat with an atmospheric intro, which adds a bit more substance to the EP. Like the first two tracks on the EP, this one is made for the dancefloor. The soulful piano and guitar is a constant reminder that Marr and Faker have created a pop-funk/electro-soul record that is slightly out of the norm for them both.

“Killing Jar” is a track with a slower tempo, which is just what the EP needs after the first three tracks. The vocals are, of course, soulful and smooth and work exceptionally well with the downtempo beats and acoustic guitar. Marr and Faker have taken everything we love about soul, pop, funk and dance to create a refreshing and polished EP.

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