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Big Wild Takes Toronto (Feat. Chet Porter)


by Jackie Willson

Following our interview with Jackson from Big Wild last week, we had the opportunity to catch his show at the Garrison, accompanied by the super talented and up-and-coming star Chet Porter.

Toronto was the first stop for Porter and the show went off without a hitch. The duo complimented each other wonderfully and Porter’s chill/tropical-like vibes were the perfect introduction to Jackson’s soulful yet upbeat set.

As people started to roll in, local talent Porter warmed the crowd up with lullaby-like beats and chill vibrations. You could tell he was comfortable right away, and kicking off his first tour with Big Wild in his hometown seemed like a calming, confidence-building experience for him.

Porter went on to play some original beats, also throwing in some crowd-pleasing Bieber remixes. Everything flowed just as it should and he seemed very in tune with his hometown crowd.

Coming in with a fresh new set, lighting, visuals, and of course new music, Big Wild opened his set with some great vibes and colorful lights (think 70s meets 90s). The rest of the evening had a very underground feel to it, like you were at an exclusive show. It’s always nice to know you are a part of something big that isn’t big yet, like everyone outside the four walls of the Garrison had no idea what they were missing.

The crowd was holding on to Jackson’s every beat and not one person came out of the trance until he said goodnight. Mixing way-back tracks with new beats like “Snakehips” and playing live music was a powerful combination. This tour is sure to set Jackson apart from others in the genre, and we are really looking forward to what’s next for both artists.

Make sure to check out their next stop here.

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