Interview with Big Wild: from Fruty Loops to Euphoria


Recently taken into the Odesza’s Foreign Family Collective, Big Wild (Jackson) is a producer on a rise. Jackson plays live keys and drums on stage which bring his live shows to a whole new level. Over the last couple of years, Big Wild has been gaining fans in bunches cruising through North America’s festivals. Big Wild is back on tour and we wanted to catch up before he lands in Toronto for an intimate show at the Garrison.

Kateryna Topol: Let’s go way back – what was your first memorable musical experience?

Big Wild: I remember having a trumpet recital when I was in middle school. I was so nervous that botched the entire song and it sounded horrible. I remember thinking I sucked at music and maybe trumpet wasn’t the instrument for me. Shortly after, I began messing around with Fruity Loops on the computer and it clicked.

KT: Is that what made you get into music?

BW: It was mostly a desire to make what I was listening to. I played trumpet throughout lower and middle school, but I was really into hip-hop. I wanted to make beats so I downloaded a free trial of Fruity Loops and learned how to produce from there. I loved having the ability to control every aspect of the song, whereas with the trumpet I could only play one note at a time and I was limited to the sounds I could make. It was very self-exploratory; I didn’t have any friends or an online community of people to give me help. It was self-taught.

KT: Are all of your instruments self-taught?

BW: Trumpet was the only instrument I was formally taught. I took piano lessons from 1st and 2nd grade but I don’t remember a thing and I remember not enjoying it at all!

KT: I’ve come across a long list of people you’d like to collaborate with (pretty much all of them are at the top of my favorite list as well) – are any of those collaborations in the works?

BW: I have a remix that will be coming out soon that features Chance the Rapper. I also have some collaborations with some of the artists I toured with that I can’t wait to show you guys!

KT: Exciting! You’ve already toured with some big names, any interesting experiences/stories from the shows so far?

BW: Breaking the floor at a house party in Athens, GA with Griz, going to Medieval Times with Odesza and the crew, and seeing the Pacific Northwest for the first time. There are too many memories to count!

KT: All of those sound wicked! Speaking of memories, which show was the most memorable so far?

BW: I recently played Euphoria Festival in Austin and it was truly awesome. I played a lot of new tunes and beefed up my set so to get a great response from the crowd was really reassuring. It gives me confidence for the tour coming up!

KT: How has it been working with Odesza at the Foreign Family Collective?

BW: Odesza are great guys and Foreign Family Collective has been very supportive. They can relate with artists and make sure we get the creative freedom we need.

KT: That sounds like a great foundation. What can we expect from a live show?

BW: All new set, new music, live drumming, live piano playing, and new visuals that I’m really proud to show you. It’s going to be an entire experience.

KT: What’s next for Big Wild?

BW: Lot’s of new music on the way. Both originals and remixes. I’ll be playing festivals throughout the summer so keep a look out!

KT: Thank you for your time Jackson!

BW: Thanks for talking with me, see you in Toronto!

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