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Ane Brun Live at the Great Hall


photography: Mike Ford

A calm late spring Thursday night. Nothing special just a quiet show at the Great Hall, not the venue commonly used for live shows but a perfect venue for Ane Brun. The gentle classic framing of the stage turned out just perfect for Ane’s theatrical performance.

The show had a slow start, people grounded themselves on the floor and swiftly moved to the retro sounds of Ilene and Gemma Ray. Calm and melodic without a doubt both made a new set of fans under the last beating rays of the sun illuminating the stage through the theatre windows.

But the sun set just in time for Ane Brun’s performance. The crowd was called out by the drummer to stand up and stand up they did. The room quickly filled up with ambitious fans: “Dance with us! Don’t you want to dance because she is AMAZING!”

When Brun sang “Do You Remember” the energy shot up immediately and nearly everyone danced, some even frolicked around the room in their matching “It All Starts With One” t-shirts.

When we spoke to Brun a little while ago about building a following in North America she agreed that it was a challenge. Admittedly, it was not a sold-out show, but every single person in the room was a fan, and they brought a friend. It all starts somewhere.

Her charming presence accompanied with dramatic dancing is an unforgettable experience that everyone should enjoy at least once.

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