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Virtual Voices Series Encore: Co-write or Go Home


Step into the world of successful songwriting! Join our encore presentation of ‘Co-write or Go Home: The Art of Collaboration in High-Level Writing Rooms’ and discover the power of co-writing. Secure your spot by registering in advance!

Canadian songwriters have made their way into high-level writing rooms around the world in cities like London, Stockholm, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Why is co-writing so important? And what are the best practices for bringing your A-game to a co-writing session? Topics covered include: how to hone your collaborative skills, song camp preparedness, writer/producer share splits, and more.

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Vivian Barclay, Managing Director, Warner Chapelle Music Canada

Angie Randisi, Songwriter/Producer, SOTA Studios/OVO Sound
Denise De’ion, Songwriter/Producer/Artist
Fiona Bevan, Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Multi-instrumentalist
Kid Joi, Songwriter, Warner Chapelle

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