UNKLE return with a new album announcement


Set to release on March 29th via Songs for the Def The Road: Part II / Lost Highway UNKLE‘s new album is divided into two acts, is the follow up to The Road: Part I. In anticipation of the new album James Lavelle share a few thoughts on the process:

“I started doing a show on Soho Radio in 2018, which made me think about playing records in a different way. It wasn’t about trying to make people dance in a nightclub. It was a breath of fresh air, and about playing a more eclectic mix. The Road: Part II was made in the same way – it’s a mixtape and a journey. You’re in your car, starting in the day and driving into the night. The language of it was to be the ultimate road trip.

“It’s the mid-part of a trilogy. The first record is like you’re leaving home; you’re naive and on a journey of discovery. There are elements of my early days in there, as well as a bit of everything since. There’s an optimism and excitement to the record, as there was with me having to direct this project alone for the first time.

” This record is the journey. You’re on the road, out there in the world. There are let downs, highs, lows, love, loss and experiences. The third record to come is basically about coming home; wherever that may be.”

James Lavelle

The record is in two parts, Act I and Act II, eleven tracks each. Every track is a collaboration, as every release UNKLE drops. You will hear voice from the likes of Elliot Power, Jon Theodore from Queens of the Stone Age, Brian Cox, Mick Jones from The Clash, Leila Mosste and many more.

In the meanwhile check out a video for “Ar.Mour” featuring Miink and Elliott Power below and “The Other Side” – second track from the upcoming album, here.

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