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The always fabulous Driver Era duo take Terminal 5


The Driver Era took the stage on November 24th 2021 for a sold-out show at Terminal 5, New York. The duo, Ross and Rocky Lynch, began in 2018 when the brothers were touring with their previous band R5. Eventually, R5 split up allowing the brothers to begin experimenting on their own as well as develop a more sophisticated style of composition. Their first album X  (summer 2019), was a huge hit amongst listeners and now, three years later, the Lynch brothers have established themselves in the alt-rock genre with the release of their sophomore album Girlfriend (2021).

The show at Terminal 5 kicked off with a bang with opening tunes from both of their albums. Ross and Rocky Lynch have an undeniable charm and incredible stage presence. They were backed by former R5 group members Rydel and Riker, who also brought their best performances to the venue. Their dazzling smiles and stunning vocals kept the audience captivated during every moment of the performance. 

The duo took the stage around 9 pm with “Take Me Away” and “Heaven Angel” from their latest record. Cheers from the crowd were ear-shattering and fans were quite literally singing at the top of their lungs. “Preacher Man” was definitely a highlight of the opening lineup. Ross’s vocals were clean, clear, GORGEOUS and the sex appeal noticeably exudes from this brother duo. Ross actually changed shirts after “Preacher Man” and was met with the absolute highest of praise from the crowd. He laughed and apologized for everyone’s ears. 

One noticeably charming way the Driver Era succeeds in enchanting their fans is how they convey their love of performing together – the entire concert was filled with cute onstage interactions between the brothers, including Ross’ shirt getting stuck on Rocky’s guitar which resulted in some fun shoves that had everyone laughing.

They played all the hits and performed them all at their absolute highest energy. “Nobody Knows” was another tune from the night that got everyone in the audience moving and could have been the highlight of the show. There wasn’t a single person standing still and their vocals mixed with the contagious energy brought the song to new heights. Fans almost overpowered the duo with how much uproar they gave to the song, singing along to the lyrics: ‘she wants to dance like his girlfriend.’ The Driver Era somehow gets their lyrics to reach each fan individually making them feel like the duo is singing directly to them. They understand perfectly how to have the audience feel captivated and content while simultaneously keeping them craving more.

The concert came to a close with “Low” and “Feel You Now,” both from their first album, X. Rocky’s low vocals on “Low” left the entire crowd with chills which is exactly what one would expect from “Feel You Now.” The band’s songs feel somehow nostalgic and new at the same time, making them twice as emotionally driven. The encore included a beautiful rendition of “OMG Plz Don’t Come Around” with just Ross, Rocky, and a piano on stage, which was an enjoyable pause before the last few high-energy songs. It feels as though through this performance the two brothers are looking back on their past experiences, as well as being optimistic about their future ones.

The night ended with “A Kiss” the hit single from their latest album Girlfriend. Everyone was on their feet jumping up and down for the final number and I don’t think anyone wanted the night to end. The duo strikes the perfect balance between cool and collected while being unapologetically loving of their adoring fans. Charisma just exudes from The Driver Era, especially when they’re performing. It was a fantastic concert that fans won’t forget anytime soon.

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