Spin the Block talks about taking part in Red Bull Turn it Up


Red Bull Turn it Up landed in Canada for the first time ever and we were there to see the competitors battle. It was a night filled with unfilled entertainment and civil warfare leading to Toronto-based Spin the Block taking the title.

Representing Spin the Block is DJ & founder JAMIE-LEE joined on stage by JORDIOR. We took a moment to chat with the duo about their experience.

Quip: Congratulations on the wine! How does it feel to be the finalist of this first-ever Red Bull Turn it Up?

Spin the Block: Thank you so much! It was such an honour being involved in the competition and being the first ones to win it in North America. It feels surreal, like a fever dream and honestly feels amazing knowing that we did it together.

Q: What does this win mean for you as a DJ now?

STB: It’s such a big milestone in our DJ careers so we’ve made sure to really take the time to celebrate it and we hope to continue the momentum not only within the city but across borders as well.

Q: How does your team dynamic work, can you let us in a bit behind the scenes?

STB: I think being friends outside of the competition we were confident about having a natural team dynamic that we knew would help us excel in the competition. We basically did everything together along with one of our good friends and DJ, Playgirl who helped us a lot behind the scenes. When it came down to it, we knew when it was time to get to work and we knew how to have fun while doing it.

Q: How did you prepare for the competition?

STB: We started off by getting together and sharing all of our ideas than we went right into practice sessions. We practiced almost every day of the week leading up to the competition.

Q: Were any of the rounds particularly challenging for you?

STB: Disco inferno and emo night – it took us a while to figure out what direction we wanted to go in.

Q: Where else can people see you spin music?

STB: We do a monthly party called ‘Crossover’ and spin all over Toronto. We post where we are weekly on our IGs @jamieleesantos and @jordior.

All images by © Anthony Nusca for Red Bull

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