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Son Lux and Leverage Models at The Drake Underground


photos by Eric Cairns

On Sunday night we gathered with a couple hundred people for a sold out Son Lux show at The Drake Underground in Toronto.

New York’s Leverage Models, Shannon Fields’ most recent musical adventure, kickstarted the night. With a self-titled LP basking in the love of the critics, Leverage Models was made in collaboration with over a dozen artists. The show was performed by three, but that’s not to say there was not enough action or sound. Fields covered nearly every corner of the stage, chatting up the audience from time to time. “This song is made for dancing, but I won’t tell you what to do.” Leverage Models have an open and sonic sound, decorated by a multitude of small instruments, complimented by an occasional megaphone whisper.

After a brief set up, Ryan Lott, aka Son Lux took the stage. It is immediately obvious that Lott is classically trained, he is also very theatric in his act, which comes together in a rather impressive performance. Filled with awkward silences between the songs and in stylistically quiet moments, the audience seemed to be holding their breath.

“It is a pleasure to play for people who listen” admitted Lott to the awe-struck audience who immediately broke into a team cheer. The show started with “Alternate World” and closed with a brief encore of  “Lost It To trying,” everything in between kept people moving in sequence (well, mostly) to the beat.

Seeing Son Lux live, much like most truly talented musicians, is a much more fulfilling experience than listening at work.

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