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Labor Day weekend in Chicago has meant one thing for the last five years – the North Coast Music Festival. The 3-day event is a celebration of all genres of music with a heavy emphasis on EDM.

One of the acts that kicked off the festival embodies electronic music, but with a hip-hop flavor. Toronto based trio, Keys ‘N Krates consists of David Matisse (keyboard player), Adam Tune (drummer), and Jr. Flo (turntablist). The group’s new EP Every Nite drops on September 23 and is spearheaded by the new single, “Are We Faded”. In support of their upcoming release, Keys ‘N Krates will hit the road this fall touring across North America alongside Gladiator and THUGLI.

Quip had a quick chat with Keys ‘N Krates about performing at the North Coast Music Festival, their upcoming tour, and their new EP, Every Nite.

Sherron Shabazz: What does it mean to you to perform at the North Coast Music Festival?

David Matisse: Man, we love North Coast. Played it a couple years back and it was one of our first big festival plays. Kids from Chicago always come out to party, so love being back this year.

SS: You guys are on the road for the next few months on the Every Nite tour. How will the tour dates be different from your North Coast performance?

Jr. Flo: Festival sets are usually limited to 45 minutes or an hour, so we try to bang out tunes and get the crowd super hyped from start to finish. On this tour, our set time will be a bit longer, so we can take the opportunity to be more musical and bring the crowd along on this ride that we’ll create.

SS: How’d the single “Are We Faded” come together?

DM: I waved a magical wand and it kind of just appeared. Ha!

SS: Explain the title of the new EP, Every Nite.

JF: The EP has a dark vibey feel too it. Something that you can just throw on every night.

SS: What can fans expect to hear on the Every Nite EP?

Adam Tune: They can expect to hear a composition of work that blends together and not just individual songs. It’s probably our most musical work to date. We’re really stoked on it!

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