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Pretty Good Dance Moves live in Chicago


text: Alex Gavin | photography: Isaac Torres

A little over a month ago we tossed you a review of LIMO, the virgin EP from Chicago’s own Pretty Good Dances Moves. Well, this past weekend they dusted off their dancing shoes and reported back to the mothership for a night of romping at Chicago’s Empty Bottle. Though they’re currently stationed out in Brooklyn, a neighborhood that incubates all flavors of indie rock until they’re ready to leave the BK for a major-label debut, the band’s founding members cut their teeth in the bars and music halls of the Windy City only a few years ago. Welcome back, y’all.

Given the circumstances one can imagine the ripe opportunity for peacocking displays of fandom, an act of loyalty complete with proud early adopters clutching the shiny cellophane of a freshly minted copy of LIMO. You could see it in their eyes. This bounty of the evening would once and for all would settle who had heard them first, it’s an unmistakable smirk.

It’s always refreshing to see original fans paying homage to a homegrown group, but it’s doubly sweet if said band has since flown the coop to try and advance their career elsewhere. This phenomenon was rampant in the Saddle Creek explosion of the early 2000s. The previously forgettable streets of Omaha, Nebraska were responsible for a steady stream of “I was there” moments, causing music fans across the internet to drown in secretions of jealousy and joy. You wouldn’t generally think of Chicago’s scene in the same vein as Omaha, but recently Chitown has been lacking a solid foundation to grow these type of indie-electro musings. So it’s safe to say that PGDM’s return to the Westside was a night to see the band at their best.

In their short, one-hour set PGDM belted LIMO in its entirety, taking almost no tonal breaks between songs. It was a constant flow that beautifully reflected their newfound polished approach to live shows. Evolving from Jimmy and Aaron, two pilgrims with a synthesizer and a laptop, PGDM has found a solid groove performing as a quartet.

Though this leg of the tour has come to an end, be sure to check out their debut EP LIMO available on MAD Dragon / Township Records. And don’t be too upset, expect to see these guys on the festival circuit this summer.

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