Nick Murphy returns with “Sanity” as a teaser for upcoming sophomore album release


On April 26 Nicky Murphy will share with the world his sophomore album Run Fast Sleep Naked. The album is co-produced with Dave Harrington and is the first full-length release since Built on Glass (2014), back then you may have known him as Chet Faker.

As a part of a self-discovery journey Murphy spent the last four years traveling the world alone with a microphone in his suitcase, recording his vocal tracks when inspired. During this time “he immersed himself in intense self-examination, a process aided by his reading of Joseph Campbell’s theories of the artist’s shaman-like role in modern society” and Run Fast Asleep is the outcome of this self-discovery.

“It’s almost like I was finding different shapes and colors from around the world, and then bringing them back and putting them all together,” Murphy says. “If you sit in one space for a long period of time, you get settled and stop experiencing the world in a new way,” he adds. “There’s a kind of power in leaping into the void without set structures and systems in place.”

The album came together at Figure 8 in Brooklyn with a team of 15 musicians and a full orchestra – Run Fast Asleep promises to be a textured concept album with many surprises.

The first release from this new album – “Sanity” – is a cohesive song with cheerful piano melodies and an opaque topic.  The music video is entertaining, to say the least. While I’m sure not many of us have woken up in a grimy motel (in Florida?) we’ve all had one of those mornings when there cannot possibly be enough Advil in the world. Perhaps a reflection on Murphy questioning his own motivations for making music. Long story short, what we have now is “music that empowers and elevates each listener to a more exalted version of themselves, and ultimately undoes a certain emotional suppression imposed from the outside world.”

All right Mr Murphy, I don’t know about you dear reader but we cannot wait to hear this album.

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