HUMANS release music video for “Going Late” – new single from forthcoming album


HUMANS, a Canadian indie-electronic duo, earlier this week release a music video for “Going Late” – a single teaser from their long awaited, third full-length album, Going Late, set to drop on November 16th via Haven Sounds.

“Going Late” is a little slower then what we’ve heard from the Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq so far. The track is quite minimal, infused with a sprinkle of reggae guitar.

A theme is starting to develop throughout HUMANS’ videos: a girl walking through a night nigbourhood wearing a signature HUMANS jacket. But this time she’s not alone. Vintage cars, friends in matching jackets, and traffic lights are the focus of this video, it’s a boombox party on the beach. Boombox party in a garage. Wait, now it’s a chase. Now it’s a dance-off. Okay, okay – can we join this gang?

In Ricq’s words “The video for “Going Late” is a homage to classic 70s films like The Warriors. We even went to the extent of shooting it on 35mm film. The crew on and off camera was 90% made up of our close friends so it must’ve been one of the most pleasant shoots we’ve ever done and I believe it shows on camera.”

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