Gaspar Noé directs new Animal Collective’s new video for “Applesauce”


“Applesauce” is a song from Animal Collective’s upcoming album Centipede Hz. This will be the band’s 10th album, seriously guys – 10th, and this one, just like the first one, which happens to be called Strawberry Jam, is recorded with all four original band members – the return of the “band’s experimental roots” the critics say.

The video features elements from Paul Sharits’ short film “N:O:T:H:I:N:G.” Can’t tell which elements those are exactly but if you watch the whole thing you may reward yourself with an apple, if you still want an apple after that.

The people behind the making of this video insist that it is watched in complete dark for maximum effect, so go on, treat yourself. Now if you enjoyed that Animal Collective is heading out on their North American Tour with Dan Deacon in March.

You can see the full tour schedule and purchase tickets here.

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