Formula Piknic Electronic

by Max Jones

It’s the biggest weekend of Montreal’s year, when the Formula 1 racers and their fans flood the city with their money and their ugly racing shirts. For some Montrealais it’s a reason to stay inside, away from the crowds and the overpriced meals. For others, like the Piknickers, it’s just one more reason to spend a sunny Sunday dancing their asses off.

With the buzzing of race cars from the other side of Ile-Ste-Helene in the background, VAAL catered to the slow buildup of the party atmosphere by laying down some low intensity grooves to help people get in the dancing mood. Given the fact that the last week in Montreal had been nothing but rain, the weather alone made people want to dance; VAAL’s increasingly steady beats were just icing on the cake.

To watch Piknic Electronik fill up with party people is to appreciate the massive nightlife industry of Montreal, as the workforce of that industry slowly fills up the dance-floor, finally getting their chance to dance as opposed to serve drinks or bus tables. Adding some extra color to the day’s festivities, quite literally, were the Color Me Rad runners, who had come from a charity race where they were covered in non-toxic body-paint. As is often the case at Piknic, the people-watching can be just as entertaining as the music.

The tents set up around the premises provide everything a Piknicker could ask for, as well, making it so appealing to just grab a bottle of wine, a pulled pork sandwich, and a seat to watch the party people parade dance on by. Then the beats hit you, though, and you find yourself inching closer to the dance floor. The next thing you know the sun is going down, the beats are going strong, and you’re already trying to clear your calendar to make room for next Sunday’s Piknic Electronik.