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Dorian Concept’s “Joined Ends” – a technical experiment


by Stephanie Casion

With an album name like Joined Ends, you’d assume you were in for a cohesive, consistent sounding album. However, Dorian Concept’s second album release is not as curated as you’d think – it’s a mishmash of sounds, technical skills, and timing. A very big departure from this Austrian born producer’s past works, this album is an adventure, an experiment, a peek into a different sound production for this talented artist.

Having been immersed in the electronic music scene for almost a decade, Dorian Concept is no newbie to mixing his own sounds. Backed with a full education in music production as well as experience working with other European producers at a young age, DC is no doubt a skillful beat maker. A quick listen of his past works will throw you into a world with louder sounds, bigger beats, and an overall club-friendly sound.

Listening to his last album release, When Planets Explode (2009), or his last EP, Her Tears Taste Like Pears (2011), is a completely different experience from listening to Joined Ends. Joined Ends is more of a technical experiment, featuring softer tracks that are atmospheric and sci-fi inspired. “Ann River, Mn,” the second track in Joined Ends, is ghostly and mesmerizing. “Clap Track 4” is just that – a mid-tempo track featuring lots of clapping sounds, resulting in a strange and dreamy feel. “Draft Culture,” perhaps the most likeable track on this album, is funky and a bit more fast paced than the other tracks. “Schadentrauer” is a solid full minute of ambient sound, a small break perhaps.

Despite the fact that Joined Ends is very different from his many past mixes, releases and albums, Dorian Concept’s talent is still 100% evident in this album. Whether or not this marks the start of a new sound for him is the question. As most artists do, he may simply be evolving to reach another demographic, challenge himself, or master new mixing. Whatever the reason, Dorian Concept’s work always has one thing in common – skill. A true master of blending sounds and voices, DC’s work will never disappoint, but this album may surprise a few.

Release date: October 21, 2014

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