Discovering new genres: Garbageface and Killedbykira play NXNE


Garbageface, The self-described doom rap artist from Peterborough (also known as Karol Orzechowski) is the true definition of a “performer”. From his impassioned lyrics that touch on topics like death and religion, to his immersive performance style with a mic in hand and non-stop dance moves, the solo artist’s NXNE set at The Bovine Sex Club not only entertained but also forced those watching to pay attention. Even the bar dwellers, sipping on beers at the back, couldn’t ignore Garbageface, who approached audience members in their seats for a dose of direct, inescapable eye contact. But, that seems to be part of his persona; an attempt to cut through the noise. He offered up a striking rendition of Radiohead’s “Idioteque”, a band that’s industrial sounds are well suited to Orzechowski’s own, while also captivating the crowd with his songs like “mouths”. Overall, Garbageface left the Bovine’s late-night crowd satisfied, if not also mystified.

Garbageface, Nxne Garbageface, Nxne

Killedbykira only exists on the internet… or at the Rivoli’s NXNE curator series: club boyband. The Toronto-based rapper has strong ties to the anime scene and Toronto’s Generation Z who were out in full force to embrace the Friday night set. The rapper, accompanied by a hype man on stage, delivered a variety of loud, brash beats that bounced between rap and metal. Cheered on by a crowd of eager supporters that were decked out in what were likely Toronto’s coolest and most colourful accessories, the audience’s reaction to Killebykira’s slow, looping lyrics was one of the set’s most surprising elements. It was like stepping into a secret internet show – with a mosh pit.

Killedbykira, NXNE Killedbykira, NXNE

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