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Current Value blends and transcends genre on “Platinum Scatter”


Text by Bash Ortega

Current Value’s upcoming album, Platinum Scatter, is darkly experimental. While almost entirely instrumental, it is neither pure EDM nor ambient. Platinum Scatter is genre-bending and a little industrial, with influences from both drum and bass and techno. All of these different elements come together to transport you into a dark and mysterious future. 

The first two tracks, “Focus Point” and “Weight” are very rhythm heavy. “Focus Point” uses nontraditional samples instead of a normal drum kit, and “Weight” includes beeps and boops associated with techno music (think Simian Mobile Disco), but incorporates a drum and bass reminiscent drum beat, but with a variation on the kick pattern. 

“Greed”, the only track on Platinum Scatter with vocals, is perhaps one of the more traditional songs on this record. It opens with a vocal line stating, “Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works.” This song helps set up the dystopia that I feel the album is sucking us into. Additionally, I could see it being a DJ favorite as it has a more conventional house drum pattern and slowly evolves throughout the song.

The title track of Platinum Scatter is overall one of my favorites, and certainly a standout on the album. “Platinum Scatter”, the song, is a drum and bass track and has an intriguing spinning sound design. It is also delightfully dark. I can see why Current Value chose this song to represent the album. 

As the album progresses, the middle tracks get a little less focused on the beats, and a little more focused on creating an emotional soundscape. “Anchor”, “Miles to Go”, and “Eternal Recurrence” are all more ambient and use big pan synths to create an expansive sonic space. 

Platinum Scatter picks the energy up near the end with “Running State” and “Deep Mind”. Both are faster-paced, more dance-centered tracks. “Deep Mind” is another one of my favorites off of the album, and features repetitive, but evolving sections that are very typical of techno, but still exhibit a more DNB-inspired beat. 

Finally, the album closes out with “Procedure”. This track brings us back to the more meditative vibe featured in the middle of the album. It’s an apt ending and gives time for contemplation after the long, dark journey Current Value has taken us on. 

Platinum Scatter is very unique and it was refreshing to listen to something so different and innovative. If you listen to LORN or Dolor you will enjoy this Platinum Scatter, and if you’re more into traditional techno or DNB, I recommend you branch out and give Current Value a try.

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