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Can you read my mind? Matmos live at the Garrison


Enter the dark back room of the Garrison: people firmly planted to the floor like trees, joined by the occasional ecstatic dancer are all here to see Matmos.

The band hasn’t produced a record in over five years but the new, mindfuck of a musical  experience, Marriage of True Minds is coming out next week which calls for a tour and your poison of choice while swinging side to side to the sounds of aural guitar arrangements.

M. C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel have been creating together for a while and found relevance with artists like J Lesser and miss Björk herself who, they worked with on the production of two albums. Being on hiatus for five years, however, allows people to move on to other things, but a good come back is always worth a listen.

Having come across statements like “parapsychological experiments” and “telepathic demonstrations” when reading about Matmos’ upcoming tour, one could not help but wonder if the band was going to arrive in a space shuttle. Rest assured they did not but the show most definitely created a cosmic atmosphere for the observers and participators alike (those being the previously mentioned ecstatic dancers).

I won’t go on to say that I got lost in that mystic forest but I did feel like a character out of a Douglas Adams story. This is not your average music and it definitely isn’t an average show.

Stream the album Marriage of True Minds via Pitchfork

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